Welcome to the portal www.lc-inventories.ch

This webpage lists a range of public reports and datasets that can be imported to different software products. You can download the listed reports and datasets for free. They have been developed in different public founded projects and were prepared by different authors.

The data are elaborated according to the ecoinvent v2.2 guidelines and they are provided in EcoSpold v1 format. This can be imported to different LCA software products. The data provided on that page, were elaborated after the recent release of ecoinvent data (version 2.2, see also www.ecoinvent.org) and thus are not part of that version.

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN financed the setting up of this webpage. It is hosted by ESU-services.

To view and download the reports and data records free of charge, you have to register as a user on the first visit. At each subsequent visit, you login easily with your user name and password. This registration allows us to inform you in case of data errors or corrections and essential new developments in the provision of data.

Please follow the link below to be forwarded to the login page.

Login page at    www.esu-services.ch/data/public-lci-reports



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